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Kickstarter brings innovative ideas into a real life. VerbQ is a great example how a brilliant idea can be materialized into a valuable product where anyone can improve its writing skills. The product encompasses several strategies of building your vocabulary. And Rhinoda has been assigned to produce a technical part of it.


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Synonyms for the word “drunk” exist


1.Custom synonyms with context.

2.Sets of conjugation.

Development Process

The project manager has performed a business analysis of the future website. It led to the allocation of tasks in project management tool called JIRA. The backend developer could better view the workflow and meet deadlines more efficiently. Finally, the website had been integrated with two important APIs for wording and verb forms. This feature has built the foundation of VerbQ. It mainly combines definitions, regular expressions, conjugations.




As a result, Rhinoda has built a very interesting product that adds value to anyone who wants to build its own vocabulary. The product is ready to be scaled into a greater solution and maintained by our team.