Outstaffing of
IT specialists.

We will provide qualified
developers, designers, engineers
for your project.

Distinctive features and advantages of outstaffing

  • Stable team

    An employee can be replaced if he does not meet the stated requirements, replaced during a vacation or illness, in a short time to hire staff in case of increased workloads.

  • Qualified specialists

    Outstaffing is an opportunity to get a specialist or a team of the required skill level by a certain date, to ensure the required level of work performance.

  • Reduced recruitment costs

    Labor and financial relations with employees are transferred from the company to the outside. Direct costs are reduced: payroll and related deductions, costs for training and retraining.

  • Efficient Management

    The outstaffing company undertakes full support of the employee: selection, registration of labor relations, remuneration, solving current labor issues, payment of remuneration and deductions, reporting.

How we are working

Outstaff in Rhinoda is a selection of individual solutions for each client, a strong team of like-minded people, a transparent system of calculations and support at all stages of the project.

We have a large staff of high-level IT specialists with various specializations
  • 01

    We clarify the requirements, look for a candidate, conduct a preliminary interview, introduce you to a potential employee

  • 02

    After the approval of the company, we enroll the applicant in our staff

  • 03

    Officially we lead a person as an employer, while you set tasks and goals for him

Our technologies

    • PHP

      When developing php projects, our team uses Laravel and Yii 2 frameworks of current versions, adhering to the best coding practices, PSR standards and code-style of the tool used.

      • laravel
      • yiiframework
    • Python

      In working with Python, we use tools such as Flask, Fast API, celery, rabbit, dagster, sqlalchemy, alembic. We adhere to SOLID principles when designing application architecture.

      • Django
      • Flask
      • Fast API
      • celery
      • RabbitMQ
      • dagster
    • Java/Kotlin

      We develop and support projects in languages such as Java. We are also developing new services using the Kotlin language. The main part of the development is carried out using the spring framework.

      • maven
      • Gradle
      • Jenkins
      • Docker
      • REST API
      • SOAP
      • RabbitMQ
      • Kafka
      • Hibernate
      • PostgreSQL
      • MySQL
      • Redis
      • Spring
      • MongoDB
    • .Net

      The use of the .NET platform minimizes the potential for conflicts in software deployment and version control by ensuring that code runs safely, including code created by an unknown or not fully trusted third party.

      • Net
    • Dev-ops

      Our specialists have extensive experience with major tools such as Docker and Docker-compose, Jenkins, Hibernate

      • Jenkins
      • Docker
      • Hibernate
    • Databases

      The main DBMS used by our specialists are Mysql, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB. On an ongoing basis, work is being done to optimize requests, improve overall performance, design the structure and other work in this direction.

      • MySQL
      • MariaDB
      • PostgreSQL
      • MongoDB
    • Microservice architecture

      Our team includes specialists with rich experience in developing applications in microservice architecture. The work uses technologies such as RabbitMQ, Kafka, Mosquitto, Redis

      • RabbitMQ
      • Kafka
      • Mosquitto
      • Redis
    • Designing a RESTful API.

      The REST API is an integral part of many web applications. Our specialists will develop and implement an effective structure for interacting with your application.

      • REST API
    • Caching tools

      An integral part of the work on optimizing applications, reducing the response and reducing the load on the application is the work on the implementation of data caching tools. In their work, our specialists use tools such as Redis and Memcached.

      • Redis
      • Memcached
    • Application architecture design

      Our team has extensive experience in designing applications of any complexity. We will prepare a high and low level architecture based on the documentation, correctly apply design patterns and ensure the production cycle of your future application.

    • React

    • Vue

    • Typescript

    • iOS

      Use of modern approaches to software development. The main development language is swift.

      • iOS
    • Android

      When developing android applications, we choose a technology stack that is used in the development market, and also help clients choose one or another stack to solve their tasks. The main development language is Kotlin and there is also support in other languages like Java. Currently, development is carried out using jetpack

      • java
      • kotlin
      • reactivex
      • coroutine
      • flow
      • dagger
      • koin
      • kodein
      • compose
      • realm